Wiley G. Clarkson, Architect

Corsicana:  June 1908 to Dec. 1911

Fort Worth: Jan. 1912 to May 5, 1952

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Mineral Wells, Texas


First United Methodist Church

301 NE 1st Street

Job 758

The First United Methodist Church in Mineral Wells a 1947 project.  Construction took a couple of years.  The cost was listed at $200,000.00





Poston Dry Goods Company

107 North Oak Ave.

Box 1 Job 127

The Poston building was owned by H.N. Frost and rented by the Postons until 1916/1917 when they purchased the property.  In 1917/1918, the partition between the grocery store next door was removed, the building was remodeled, and the store grew to a 75-foor front.  The job number falls into the correct range of years for the remodeling project.  About 20 years in the future, my grandfather would design houses in Fort Worth for G. C. Poston and Sidney Poston (son?).  The building is now the Palo Pinto Courthouse Annex.


May 30, 2015:  About a week ago, Mineral Wells downtown area was hit by an EF1 tornado.  It is unknown if the church building or the Poston building were damaged.


The man in the photo is Mr. Poston